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CABS ELECTRA INDUSTRIES has been a renowned manufacturer of Digital Panel meters, controllers and transducers since 2002.
With a positive growth of more than 100% since 2007-2008 and a strong market presence, the growth is expected to continue.

Our products mainly find use in the Power Sector and virtually every industry or consumer of electricity.

Power sector in India is showing a relentless healthy and positive growth and this growth is expected to continue as per industry and infrastructure growth trends in our country.

CABS ELECTRA brand products are sold through our main Distributor in Kolkata and also through a wide network of dealers throughout the country. Many industries and panel builders are supported directly from our office in Kolkata.

At CABS ELECTRA we strive for customer satisfaction through commited deliveries and prompt after sales service.

All CABS ELECTRA products have been designed from scratch in our own premises by our trained and experienced designers and consultants.
New products are launched at regular intervals.

CABS ELECTRA products are mainly sold through a wide network of distributors and dealers spread through out the entire country.
Direct selling is also done to major industries and companies from our office in kolkata .

CABS ELECTRA industries is one of the best equipped manufacturing units having testing and calibration equipment from world renowned manufacturers like: